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Despite being a select shop, mumsnothome offers drinks for customers so let's just call it a cafe as well (though they do not serve any cakes nor desserts in which they should do). Drinks are traditional African tea. It changes colour from blue to purple when you add lime. 


Chow Chow (cofounder of the cafe/select shop) was kind enough to share his sketchbook which he kept all his working holiday memories in. Being a graphic designer himself, Chow Chow is never short of creative ideas - look at this page, he pasted his real hair on the page to finish a statement art piece. 


mumsnothome is the talk of the town on Instagram world. Situated inside an old building in Yau Ma Tei, the area itself makes the search of the place a surreptitious journey. It is that kind of the journey you can only do when your mum is not home. (*pun) I went there a couple of weeks ago and totally enjoyed myself there. If you happen to be around the town, you should not have this place missed. Instagram search "mumsnothome" for more information.

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