Thursday, 6 February 2014

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Ceviche –Fish Marinated in “LECHE DE TIGRE”
From left to right : CORVINA (Sea bass, choclo, camote, red onion and classic leche de tigre, $148) /// TUNA (Watermelon, basil, tarragon and orange leche de tigre, $158) /// MIXTO (Shrimp, octopus, scallops, squid, passionfruit, honey and ginger, leche de tigre, $168)
Trio of ceviche for $295

As I have always been a huge fan for tuna, I will prefer the middle one to the rest two. The left one is a bit tasteless. Plus, these three appetizers are fairly expensive, if you are on budget, you may as well just order the middle one.


Amazingly good salmon. #impressed


I forger the name of this cuisine. Sorry.


Scallops (Aji amarillo butter, soy, honey, lime and spring onions, $300)


Anucuchos / Grilled Skewers
CORAZON (Beef hearts, aji amarillo, crema and walnut, $60) / POLLO (Chicken, aji panca crema and roasted pinenut ($55) / OH MY COD (Black cod, ponzu miso and aji rocoto aioli, $95) / SALMON (Grilled salmon with aji limo tartar sauce, $75) / TENDERLOIN ( Beer marinated beef with aji limo crema, $75) / CAMOTE (Sweet Potato, ocopa and quail egg, $40)

我強烈推介這款菜色。我很久都沒有吃過串燒了。她們絕對是性價比高之物,不可不叫。如果你可以負擔得起,建議你多叫幾串 OH MY COD。


Lomo saltado (Tenderloin, scallions, tomato, aji amarillo, soy, papas and choclo arroz, $315)


@ Chicha / Around HKD$500 per person


  1. I love love every kind of food images!!!
    I love eating, and now I get hungry!

  2. Mhhh, looks delicious!

    Seems I can not count well, today. HKD$500 per person when allready the ceviche is 295?

    O.k., for me just ceviche and water.... :-)

  3. haaa this meal was more than $500 per person. $500 is only a reference for people who want to try this restaurant out :)


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